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Our Quote System

At ArtMad we are fully aware that most schools and colleges cannot buy direct from suppliers

This means you need to get a 'Quote'

'OUR QUOTE SYSTEMis designed for you to build your own quote. You can keep track of how much you are spending, save and print your quote


This is how it works:

Step 1. Login or Register to use our OUR QUOTE SYSTEM

Step 2. Find the product(s) you need in ART SUPPLIES

Step 3. Click on the ORANGE tab   – the item will be added to the  ' Quotation ... Item(s)

Step 4 You can view all the items at any stage by clicking on the orange text   Quotation ... Item(s) ' at the top of the page

Step 5. Here you can     or  


   - means you can ViewDelete - Add extra items to your quotation

  - means you are going to convert the quote to a PDF document which will enable you to SAVE and/or PRINT the document


The document will have a Quote No. on it, which can be given to us if you decide to buy from ArtMad.

Once you  on the site we will have a COPY of YOUR QUOTE on our system should it be misplaced for whatever reason